Debbie - Not Blondie!

NEW Novembre 2022 - I am pleased to announce a more affordable alternative to "Debbie - Through My Lens".

Debbie Harry has been a pop culture icon since mid 70's. Despite once being a planetary idol, she's always been down to earth and didin't think twice before halting her career to take care of a loved one.

I was fortunate enough to meet and photograph Blondie on several occasions which I wanted to share with you.

This was supposed to be the second volume of my re∙Belles project, hence the focus on Debbie Harry. Unfortunately, the crowdfunding for re∙Belles was launched during Covid-19 lockdown and never found its audience. This book is now joining my ongoing effort to gather my best and most memorable photos in quality print on demand photo books.

Book details

  • 8"x10", 52 pages with soft cover.
  • 56 (55 B&W and 1 color) lovingly selected photos
  • personal memories and anecdotes and the English translation of an article I wrote for a Belgian paper
  • song lyrics sprinkled through out spice up the pictures
  • $50.83 (excl. taxes & shipping) full price.
     YES ! Print on demand is (very) expensive. 
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