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Good and bad news!

The bad news is that Blow Up Press whom I had licensed to sell limited editions of some of my photo doesn't seem to process the orders even though their site is still on line.

The good news is that I have now secured and tested a relationship with a professional lab that will deliver high quality inkjet prints of any of my photos. I have seen samples and they are amazing !

These will be offered as open editions on a selection of fine art papers:

1) Ilford Gallerie Gold Fiber Silk (semi gloss)
2) Permajet Payrus Classic 300 (textured matt)
for 30x45 cm (12"x18") [165 euros + shipping]

3) Permajet Silk
for 40x60 cm (16"x24") [175 euros + shipping] and 60x90 cm (24"x36") [205 euros + shipping]

I will personally check the prints pior to shipment.
Just send me an e-mail with the reference of your chosen photo(s) and allow some time for processing. Indeed the "vintage" photos are from 30+ year old negatives that need to be thoroughly restored before they can be printed for your enjoyment.
(Please note that currently, only the B&W vintage photos are available: after a move a couple of years ago, the color slides have been misplaced and I haven't found them yet :-{ )

Sorry, definitely, positively, absolutely no small, cheap prints !