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The good news is:
All photos on this site are available for licensing for books, CDs, DVDs, posters, magazines, AV programs.... Even though my photos are also distributed by a photo agency they can of course only distribute a small portion of what I have to offer. This is why every single photo is (or will be) available here for evaluation.

The bad news is:
There is a fee involved for using my photos. No exceptions. Period. Not even for non-profit, charity. I have my own charities which I choose. And I will not ask you to participate in these for free either. Photography is what I do for a living. Would you ask a plumber to fix your pipes for free? Give it a try a get back to me. That should be fun!

If you're still with me so far, chances are you are a serious publisher looking to use one or more of my photos for one of your projects. The procedure is pretty simple: you e-mail me a detailed description of your project (type of publication/use, size, quantity, placement and size of photo...) so I can determine a fee based on the SOFAM tariff. After we've reached an agreement, I will forward you the hires file(s) needed for your project upon receipt of a valid purchase order.

More bad news :
Vintage (pre 2001) color photos are (temporarily???) unavailable for licensing: following a house move, I have misplaced my color slides. Untill I can find them, they are unavailable for hi-res scanning for publishing purposes.