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"Au Plan K"
The Addendum
I am thrilled to announce the new coffee table book of New Wave Photos.

It's being crowdfunded right now.
It strongly advise you to order it today:
it will no longer be available after the end of the crowdfunding campaign. Not here, not in stores.
The campaign ends on Octobre 16, 2019, Joy Divison's first concert in the Raffinerie's 40th anniversary.

» early crowdfunders' reaction.

297 mm x 297 mm, 48 pages (4 colors + 1 PMS for B&W)
Grey linen hard cover with white serigraphy, no dustcover
Editorial content fully ENG/FRA bilingual
 Price: starting at 36 euros   

This Addendum is a separate book gathering unpublished material:
 • photos,
 • posters,
 • recollections,
 • an interview of Annik Honoré,
 • documents.
This Addendum, isn't a 2nd nor a "light" Au Plan K edition. On the contrary, it is meant to find its place next to the latter.

 • new photos:
a posed photo session with à;GRUMH... for their Rebearth album cover, Wiseblood live photos, Paul Haig colour photos.

 • new posters ...
I couldn't include in Au Plan K for lack of space.

 • new recollections ...
since Au Plan K publication, I have been able to contact more people some of which had been unfairly overlooked in the first book.

 • an interview of Annik Honoré ...
journalist Philippe Cornet has agreed to share the interview he did with Annik (one of the few existing) for Le Vif magazine, a few years before her untimely death.

 • new documents ...
last but not least, Annik's daughter Sasha allowed me to search her archives. I found tickets, notes, contracts and other documents that shed some light on her passion, that reveal some of the behind the scenes work, that illustrate how everything was "hand made" at the time. These documents are reproduced big enough so you can read them without a magnifying glass ;-)

A 2nd augmented edition would have been a rip off for those who bought and supported the first project. It would also have implied a (yet) heavier and more expensive book. On the contrary, this Addendum doesn't take any value away from Au Plan K and everyone is totally free to acquire it - at a very reasonable price - or not.

As far as I am concerned, this book closes my "Plan K" adventure and allows me to serenely consider further projects: I no longer have in the back of my mind any regrets of what I should/could have included in the first volume.
The story closes, traces are left.

Au Plan K 40 can be sent to your home or collected at the "release party" held at La Raffinerie (formerly Plan K), 21 rue de Manchester in Brussels, on January 17, 2020 day of Joy Division's 2nd concert at the Raffinerie's 40th anniversary.
You can order the book on its own or bundled either with Au Plan K or W-Festival 2017.
Vous avez également le loisir de le commander accompagné de Au Plan K si vous ne l'avez pas encore ou accompagné de mon livre de photos consacré au W Festival 2017 proposé à un prix très doux.
Finally - and exclusively for those collecting the book at the release party - you can bundle Au Plan K 40 with one of the last copies of Au Plan K limited edition (originally set aside to replace a damaged shipment).

#auplank40 #auplanktheaddendum #auplankthebook

Les messages des premiers crowdfunders

> vous avez tout mon soutien! Cool project! And glad I still (sic) can buy the ltd version of the first book :)
> Good luck scheile !
> Salut Philippe, chouette projet !
> Mais quelle bonne idée cet addendum ! Bravo Crazy Lobster !
> Bravo encore et merci de m'avoir permis de me remémorer quelques instants de cette époque. J'aime ces exercices de mémoire.
> Ik kijk er naar uit.
> Bravo pour ce super projet.
> Bravo pour ce super projet... et jamais deux sans trois.
> On va y arriver !
> Hate de recevoir la suite (et peut être de découvrir le lieu, quelques 40 années plus tard... ) amitiés.
> Beau projet, super ! Enthousiaste comme au premier jour.
«Goed bezig! Proficiat!»
> Marc
«Bravo, vous avez tout mon soutien !»
> Isabelle
«On va y arriver ! Top. Au plaisir de se revoir.»
> vdvg
«On va y arriver ! Impatient.»
> Mathieu
«Plan K saison 2.... enfin !»
> Olive
«Bravo pour ce super projet. Toujours curieux de ton travail, Philippe. Au plaisir de te lire.»
> Thierry
«Tot op de release party, Philippe.»
> Chantal
«Bravo Philippe à nouveau !»
> Gilles
«Bravo pour ce super projet. Impatient d'assister à la release party.»
> Yves
«Sky is the limit.»
> Erik
«Bravo, vous avez tout mon soutien !»
> André
«Sky is the limit.»
> Carl
«Bravo pour ce super projet.»
> Mário
«Bravo, vous avez tout mon soutien !»
> François
«On va y arriver ! »
> Gilles
«Bravo tu vas y arriver ! »
> Didier
«Bonjour et merci !»
> Fausto
«Bravo pour ce super projet.»
> François
«Hâte de voir ça mon Mentor, et c'est normal de te soutenir parce que pour moi t'es le meilleur ha ha ha»
> Carl
«Vivement la suite merci Philippe.»
> Vincent
«Bravo, vous avez tout mon soutien ! »
> Stéphane
«Proficiat, je hebt mijn volledige steun!»
> Jan
«J'avais déjà adoré le premier livre. Je me réjouis de lire le nouveau !»
> Grégory
«L'aventure continue, très belle idée !»
> Laurent-Xavier
«Bravo, vous avez tout mon soutien !»
> Patrick
«Très heureuse que tu signes une suite à cette merveille. Impatiente de le lire/voir ! »
> Yannic

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