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Good and bad news!

The bad news is that Blow Up Press whom I had licensed to sell limited editions of some of my photo doesn't seem to process the orders even though their site is still on line.

The good news is that I have now secured and tested a relationship with a professional lab that will deliver high quality inkjet prints of any of my photos. I have seen samples and they are amazing !

All prints come with signed Certificate of Authenticity.

!!!! NEW !!!

30x45 cm and 40x60 cm now come as Piezography [info] prints (printed using only seven shades of grey carbon inks), offering true monochrome printing and experience, with minimal bronzing.
Both image sizes are printed on flat A2 sheets.

1) Canson Infinity - Baryta Photographique (310 g/m2) [Paper specs]

225 euros for 30x45 cm (12"x18") [+ shipping]
235 euros for 40x60 cm (16"x24") [+ shipping]

Larger formats are still offered as open edition inkjets on a selection of fine art papers:

2) Permajet - Oyster (270 g/m2) [Paper specs]

250 euros for 50x75 cm (20"x30") [+ shipping]
290 euros for 60x90 cm (24"x36") [+ shipping]

3) Canson - Photo High Gloss Premium RC (315 g/m2) [Paper specs]

265 euros for 50x75 cm (20"x30") [+ shipping]
300 euros for 60x90 cm (24"x36") [+ shipping]

4) Hahnemühle - Photo Silk Baryta (310 g/m2) [Paper specs]

270 euros for 50x75 cm (20"x30") [+ shipping]
310 euros for 60x90 cm (24"x36") [+ shipping]

5) Permajet - FB Distinction (320 g/m2) [Paper specs]

275 euros for 50x75 cm (20"x30") [+ shipping]
315 euros for 60x90 cm (24"x36") [+ shipping]

6) Hahnemühle - German Etching (310 g/m2) [Paper specs]

280 euros for 50x75 cm (20"x30") [+ shipping]
320 euros for 60x90 cm (24"x36") [+ shipping]

(prices as from 03/2019)

I will personally check the prints pior to shipment.
Just send me an e-mail with the reference of your chosen photo(s) and allow some time for processing. Indeed the "vintage" photos are from 30+ year old negatives that need to be thoroughly restored before they can be printed for your enjoyment.
(Please note that currently, only the B&W vintage photos are available: after a move a couple of years ago, the color slides have been misplaced and I haven't found them yet :-{ )

Sorry, definitely, positively, absolutely no small, cheap prints !

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