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Good and bad news!

The bad news:

● Blow Up Press whom I had licensed to sell limited editions of some of my photo doesn't seem to process the orders even though their site is still on line.
● Sorry, definitely, positively, absolutely no small, cheap prints !

The good news:

I personally sell open edition1, custom2 prints of all the photos on the site.

1 as opposed to limited editions. In other words, the prices are much lower.
2 meaning each print is made for you, to your preferences.

!!!! NEW !!!! All prints are embossed and come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Piezography prints !!!!

30x45 cm and 39x58.5 cm now come as Piezography[info] prints (printed using exclusively black and five shades of grey carbon inks), offering true monochrome printing and experience, with minimal bronzing.
Both image sizes are printed on flat A2 sheets.

350 euros for 30x45 cm (12"x18") [+ shipping]
405 euros for 39x58.5 cm (15.35"x23.03"") [+ shipping]

(prices as from 01/2024. Expect a price increase in 2025)

Due to recent problems with orders for bigger prints, I have decided to no longer offer them. Sorry.


What customers think

Kathi - I received the print! Great work, it looks amazing.
Lorna - Feargal Sharkey print received. Absolutely fantastic!!
Rik - Really great work and quality, better than expected! Very happy with the print!
Stephen - The prints are perfect! I could not see any damage at all to the packaging. Thanks so much.

Below, a few samples of framed prints in customers' houses. Thank you so much for sharing them :)

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