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● A2 sheet, Canson Infinity (acid-free) Premium Semi Gloss RC (310 gsm)
● Embossed
● Signed (if desired)
● Certificate of authenticity


1) Make payment through bank transfer to
● Name: Philippe Carly
● Account: BE54 2100 3482 7597
all transfer costs at your expense

2) Send confirmation e-mail with
● The picture you have chosen: 20141213_398Detachments 
● Desired size (12"x18" or 15.35"x23.03")
● Tell me if you want it (them) signed
● Full name and postal address, valid mobile phone number and e-mail
● Special requests

30x45 cm (12"x18")

Net prices (incl. P&P, excl. import duties)
● Belgium » 315 €
● France, Luxemburg, Germany, the Netherlands » 325 €
● UK, US, continental Europe » 342 €
● Rest of the world » 375 €

39x58.5 cm (15.35"x23.03")

Net prices (incl. P&P, excl. import duties)
● Belgium » 365 €
● France, Luxemburg, Germany, the Netherlands » 375 €
● UK, US, continental Europe » 392 €
● Rest of the world » 425 €

I will personally check the prints pior to shipment.
Allow some time for processing. Indeed the "vintage" photos are from 30+ year old negatives that need to be thoroughly restored before they can be printed for your enjoyment.

Below, a few samples of framed prints in customers' houses. Thank you so much for sharing them :)

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