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Today is Friday September 21, 2018
Check out what happened on a September 21
(that I have photographed)
September 21 is the birthday of this/these musician(s)

Ultimately, you will find here my entire collection of concert and candid photos of popular and not so popular "rock", "new wave", "punk" and "post-punk" groups from the 70s, 80s, 00s and 10s
Check back often for new additions as this project is constantly developing.
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A Casual Effect (BEL) [3 pics]
A Certain Ratio (GBR) [209 pics]
ABB (BEL) [12 pics]
à;GRUMH... (BEL) [599 pics]
Absynthe Minded (BEL) [31 pics]
AC/DC (AUS) [18 pics]
Acid China X (BEL) [59 pics]
Acidez (MEX) [69 pics]
Acrobats of Desire (GBR) [8 pics]
Action in DC (NED) [32 pics]
Adam & the Ants (GBR) [48 pics]
Admiral Freebee (BEL) [10 pics]
Adolina (BEL) [36 pics]
Adverts (GBR) [50 pics]
Aerial (NOR) [27 pics]
Aero (BEL) [60 pics]
A Flock of Seagulls (GBR) [20 pics]
Agent 5.1 (BEL) [17 pics]
Agent Side Grinder (SWE) [337 pics]
Airport City Express (BEL) [20 pics]
Alley Gators (BEL) [20 pics]
Allez Allez (BEL) [322 pics]
Marc Almond (GBR) [227 pics]
Altered Images (GBR) [225 pics]
Alpha Verticals (BEL) [29 pics]
Alphaville (DEU) [125 pics]
An Orange Car, Crashed... (BEL) [657 pics]
Anal + (BEL) [84 pics]
And Also the Trees (GBR) [211 pics]
(Isabelle) Antena (FRA) [14 pics]
AqME (FRA) [96 pics]
the Arch (BEL) [60 pics]
Ari Up (of the Slits) (GBR) [139 pics]
Arbeid Adelt (BEL) [68 pics]
Arno (BEL) [38 pics]
Aroma di Amore (BEL) [52 pics]
Artery (GBR) [6 pics]
A Split Second (BEL) [55 pics]
Ashes (BEL) [10 pics]
Ash Code (DEU/ITA) [118 pics]
Ashtoreth (BEL) [34 pics]
Asta (BEL) [62 pics]
Atomic Leaf (BEL) [64 pics]
Athletico Spizz 80 (GBR) [30 pics]
Attica (BEL) [31 pics]
Au Bonheur des Dames (FRA) [16 pics]
Au Pairs (GBR) [68 pics]
Austin Lace (BEL) [55 pics]
Auger (GBR) [33 pics]
Aztec Camera (GBR) [15 pics]

Baby Trafalgar (FRA/BEL) [80 pics]
BabylonCircus (FRA) [29 pics]
Back of Sea Dogs (BEL) [104 pics]
Bacon Caravan Creek (BEL) [146 pics]
Tom Bailey (GBR) [155 pics]
BaliMurphy (BEL) [22 pics]
Aidan Baker (CAN) [57 pics]
Bambole di Pezza (ITA) [139 pics]
Barb Wire Dolls (USA/GRC) [574 pics]
Bat'Bat (FRA) [58 pics]
Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz (CAN) [187 pics]
Martyn Bates (GBR) [125 pics]
Bauhaus (GBR) [37 pics]
the Beat (GBR) [83 pics]
Mark Beer (GBR) [81 pics]
Belgian Stars in Duo (BEL) [218 pics]
Belle Stars (GBR) [30 pics]
Pat Benatar (USA) [57 pics]
Betsy Ball (BEL) [7 pics]
B-52s (USA) [56 pics]
Laurence Bibot (BEL) [63 pics]
Bienvenu'n'Sonar (BEL) [167 pics]
Big Country (GBR) [202 pics]
Bikini Machine (FRA) [59 pics]
the Birthday Party (AUS) [30 pics]
Biting Tongues (GBR) [35 pics]
Black Bomb A (FRA) [13 pics]
Black Kiss (BEL) [107 pics]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (USA) [73 pics]
Black Snow In Summer (BEL) [11 pics]
Black Strobe (FRA) [36 pics]
Blah Blah Blah (GBR) [14 pics]
Blancmange (GBR) [260 pics]
Bliss Out (BEL) [65 pics]
Blondie (USA) [888 pics]
Frau Blücher & the Drünken Horses (BEL) [252 pics]
Blue Velvet (BEL) [20 pics]
Blurt (GBR) [28 pics]
B-Movie (GBR) [21 pics]
the Bollock Brothers (GBR) [67 pics]
Bombshell Crew (BEL) [98 pics]
the Bombsite Kids (BEL) [71 pics]
the Bones (SWE) [59 pics]
les Bons à Rien (BEL) [123 pics]
Boogie Boy (BEL) [29 pics]
the Boomtown Rats (GBR) [36 pics]
Boots for Dancing (GBR) [10 pics]
Borghesia (HRV/SVN) [131 pics]
Adrian Bouldt (BEL) [13 pics]
David Bowie (GBR/USA) [43 pics]
the Bowling Balls (BEL) [81 pics]
Bow Wow Wow (GBR) [100 pics]
the Boys (GBR) [29 pics]
Brian Brain (GBR) [9 pics]
Glenn Branca (USA) [38 pics]
Angelo Branduardi (ITA) [37 pics]
de Brassers (BEL) [161 pics]
British Hawaii (BEL) [55 pics]
Herman Brood & His Wild Romance (NLD) [7 pics]
Brooklyn (BEL) [69 pics]
Elkie Brooks (GBR) [70 pics]
Steven Brown (USA) [46 pics]
Bucks Danny (BEL) [11 pics]
Mark Burgess (GBR) [268 pics]
the Burning Red's (BEL) [33 pics]
Kate Bush (GBR) [27 pics]
Butcher Boogie (BEL) [48 pics]
the Butters (FRA) [74 pics]
Buzzcocks (GBR) [65 pics]

Cabaret Voltaire (GBR) [66 pics]
John Cale (GBR/USA) [15 pics]
the Call (USA) [14 pics]
Captain Comatose (BEL) [39 pics]
Cars (USA) [116 pics]
Carton (BEL) [54 pics]
Casino Music (FRA) [? pics]
the Cassandra Complex (GBR) [143 pics]
Casual Sanity (BEL) [22 pics]
Catarrhal (BEL) [101 pics]
Philippe Catherine (BEL) [5 pics]
Nick Cave (AUS) [29 pics]
Čechomor (CZE) [40 pics]
Chacda (BEL) [34 pics]
Chameleons [Vox] (GBR) [668 pics]
Championship Manager (BEL) [169 pics]
James Chance & the Contortions (USA) [276 pics]
Cherokees (BEL) [15 pics]
Cherry and the Bombs (BEL) [201 pics]
Chilly Pom Pom Pee (BEL) [21 pics]
Chic (USA) [105 pics]
China Crisis (GBR) [88 pics]
Chris & Cosey (GBR) [105 pics]
Chrome (BEL) [9 pics]
Chugalug (BEL) [57 pics]
Cinema Strange (USA) [40 pics]
Clan of Xymox (NLD) [55 pics]
Anne Clark (GBR) [265 pics]
the Clash (GBR) [78 pics]
Classix Nouveaux (GBR) [12 pics]
Clawfinger (SWE) [54 pics]
Clock DVA (GBR) [37 pics]
Coanimity (BEL) [5 pics]
Cocksure (USA) [79 pics]
Cocktail Slippers (SWE) [90 pics]
Cocteau Twins (GBR) [77 pics]
Colder (FRA) [63 pics]
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions (GBR) [35 pics]
Collection d'Arnell Andréa (FRA) [37 pics]
Colonel Bastard (BEL) [34 pics]
Colourbox (GBR) [12 pics]
Constitution Anale (BEL) [7 pics]
Contingent (BEL) [13 pics]
Romy Conzen (BEL) [264 pics]
the Cookies (BEL) [6 pics]
John Cooper Clarke (GBR) [2 pics]
Coquins (BEL) [43 pics]
Jean-Louis Costes (FRA) [27 pics]
Cox (FRA) [47 pics]
Cramps (USA) [294 pics]
Crispy Ambulance (GBR) [21 pics]
Crowded (BEL) [40 pics]
the Cult (GBR) [34 pics]
the Cure (GBR) [133 pics]
Curtis (BEL) [991 pics]
Cyanhide (FRA) [43 pics]

Dada-Pâte (BEL) [62 pics]
Da Familia (BEL) [85 pics]
Dageist (FRA) [54 pics]
Daily Grind (BEL) [109 pics]
Daisybox (FRA) [53 pics]
the Dallas Explosion (BEL) [17 pics]
the Damned (GBR) [46 pics]
Danse Society (GBR) [12 pics]
Daniel Darc (FRA) [70 pics]
Daniel Darc & Bill Pritchard (GBR/FRA) [24 pics]
Darling Buds (GBR) [75 pics]
the Darts (GBR) [64 pics]
Das Ich (DEU) [95 pics]
De Volanges (BEL) [24 pics]
Dead Can Dance (GBR) [65 pics]
the Dead Kennedys (USA) [19 pics]
Death Cult (GBR) [13 pics]
Deep Purple (GBR) [63 pics]
Delta 5 (GBR) [27 pics]
Department S (GBR) [28 pics]
Depeche Mode (GBR) [142 pics]
Desireless (FRA) [65 pics]
Detachments (GBR) [124 pics]
Deutsch Americanische Freundschaft (D.A.F.) (DEU) [214 pics]
Devo (USA) [72 pics]
Howard Devoto (GBR) [27 pics]
the Dickies (USA) [19 pics]
the Diagram Brothers (GBR) [8 pics]
Digital Dance (BEL) [40 pics]
Xarah Dion (CAN) [22 pics]
Dir En Grey (JPN) [44 pics]
Dirty Washing (BEL) [27 pics]
Disappears (USA) [155 pics]
Dive (BEL) [15 pics]
Distributors (GBR) [11 pics]
D.Majiria (BEL) [35 pics]
Do Or Die (BEL) [27 pics]
Doctors of Madness (GBR) [13 pics]
Dog Eat Dog (USA) [49 pics]
Doganov (BEL) [93 pics]
Dogmeat (BEL) [110 pics]
Thomas Dolby (GBR) [20 pics]
Dole (BEL) [677 pics]
Dollsex (BEL) [111 pics]
Domguè (BEL) [24 pics]
Fats Domino (USA) [24 pics]
Andreas Dorau und die Marinas (DEU) [22 pics]
Double Veterans (BEL) [69 pics]
Dream Wife (GBR/ISL) [101 pics]
Dr. Feelgood (GBR) [44 pics]
Drunky Nun (BEL) [33 pics]
Dunlop Devils (BEL) [40 pics]
Duran Duran (GBR) [40 pics]
the Durutti Column (GBR) [156 pics]

Eagle Twin (USA) [100 pics]
Earth, Wind & Fire (USA) [48 pics]
Echo & the Bunnymen (GBR) [287 pics]
the Eastern Lights (BEL) [110 pics]
Eddie & the Hots Rods (GBR) [17 pics]
Edgar (animo) (BEL) [144 pics]
Edriver 69 (DEU) [24 pics]
8 Red (BEL) [38 pics]
Einstürzende Neubauten (DEU) [11 pics]
Elm (SWE/BEL) [45 pics]
Elvis' Ghetto Blaster (BEL) [101 pics]
Emma Peal (BEL) [578 pics]
L'Enfance Rouge (FRA/ITA) [93 pics]
Erato (BEL) [50 pics]
Essential Logic (GBR) [15 pics]
EP-4 (JPN) [38 pics]
Eté 67 (BEL) [99 pics]
Gabriel Evan (FRA) [48 pics]
Euforic Existence (BEL) [45 pics]
Sian Evans (GBR) [148 pics]
the Ex (NED) [112 pics]
Ex-RZ (BEL) [215 pics]
Experience (BEL) [60 pics]
the Experimental Tropic Blues Band (BEL) [75 pics]
the Exploited (GBR) [42 pics]
Extraballe (FRA) [9 pics]
Eyeless in Gaza (GBR) [323 pics]

Jan Fabre (BEL) [38 pics]
Factheory (BEL) [201 pics]
Fad Gadget (GBR) [100 pics]
F.A.K.E. (BEL) [174 pics]
the Fall (GBR) [163 pics]
Falling Man (BEL) [102 pics]
Family Fodder (GBR) [8 pics]
Fat W (BEL) [8 pics]
Fatals Picards (FRA) [181 pics]
Faun (DEU) [158 pics]
Few Bits (BEL) [66 pics]
the Film (FRA) [123 pics]
Fischer-Z (GBR) [180 pics]
Five or Six (GBR) [56 pics]
Fleetwood Mac (USA/GBR) [75 pics]
Flesh & Fell (BEL) [119 pics]
Fleshtones (USA) [23 pics]
Flexa Lyndo (BEL) [70 pics]
Flower Pots (GBR) [8 pics]
the Flowers (GBR) [13 pics]
Flowers of Throe (BEL) [11 pics]
Folcore (BEL) [82 pics]
Ellen Foley (USA) [39 pics]
the Force Dimension (NLD) [152 pics]
Fourth Face (CZE) [65 pics]
John Foxx (GBR) [133 pics]
Frantic Elevators (GBR) [3 pics]
Freaks (BEL) [28 pics]
From the Dust (BEL) [19 pics]
Front 242 (BEL) [799 pics]
Full Contact 69 (DEU) [52 pics]
Functionaries (BEL) [139 pics]
Funeral Dress (BEL) [61 pics]
Fun Lovin' Criminals (USA) [16 pics]
(We've Got A) Fuzzbox (And We're Gonna Use It) (GBR) [45 pics]

coming soon(?) probably!

Angry Voices
Balaam & the Angel
Batfish Boys
Karl Biscuit
Bomb Party
Cactus World News
Christian Death
Cold in the Head
Colourful Society
Dif Juz
Disneyland After Dark
Dream Syndicate
Executive Slacks
Patrick Fitzgerald
Flying Pickets
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Funeral of Flowers

Peter Gabriel (GBR) [36 pics]
Diamanda Galas (USA) [21 pics]
Gallon Drunk (GBR) [224 pics]
Gang of Four (GBR) [212 pics]
Garbage (BEL) [6 pics]
(Marie et les) Garçons (FRA) [11 pics]
Garden of Delight (DEU) [71 pics]
Mark Gardener (GBR) [45 pics]
Gargaryss (BEL) [27 pics]
Gâtechien (FRA) [84 pics]
Les Gauff' au Suc' (BEL) [186 pics]
Gauss (BEL) [36 pics]
Gaytron (DEU) [61 pics]
Bruce Geduldig (USA) [74 pics]
Gene Loves Jezebel (GBR) [119 pics]
Genesis (GBR) [35 pics]
Gentlemen of Verona (BEL) [173 pics]
Geometric Vision (ITA) [83 pics]
Get Your Gun (DNK) [87 pics]
Ghinzu (BEL) [54 pics]
GiedRé (FRA/LTU) [339 pics]
Girls In Hawaii (BEL) [119 pics]
Gjallarhorn (FIN) [63 pics]
Glücks (BEL) [83 pics]
the Go-Go's (USA) [73 pics]
Gogol 1er (FRA) [28 pics]
Gomm (FRA) [122 pics]
Robert Gordon and Link Wray (USA) [41 pics]
Los Granadians Del Espacio Exterior (ESP) [89 pics]
Grausame Töchter (DEU) [299 pics]
Gruppo Sportivo (NED) [72 pics]
Guerilla Poubelle (FRA) [94 pics]
Guerre Froide (FRA) [73 pics]

Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto (DEU/USA) [11 pics]
Steve Hackett (GBR) [37 pics]
Nina Hagen (DEU) [172 pics]
Paul Haig (GBR) [140 pics]
Hallo Kosmo (BEL) [32 pics]
Peter Hammill (GBR) [10 pics]
Hands Off Gretel (GBR) [322 pics]
Hante (FRA) [32 pics]
Harakiri (BEL) [102 pics]
David Harrow (GBR) [9 pics]
Hank Harry (and His Lonesome Cow Boys Orchestra) (BEL) [23 pics]
Mick Harvey (AUS) [80 pics]
Hawaiian Astro Boys (BEL) [83 pics]
Heartbreak (BEL) [13 pics]
Heaven 17 (GBR) [129 pics]
Richard Hell and the Voidoids (USA) [4 pics]
Hellfish Commandos (BEL) [21 pics]
the Hermetic Electric (BEL) [167 pics]
Kevin Hewick (GBR) [105 pics]
Jacques Higelin (FRA) [9 pics]
His Electro Blue Voice (ITA) [101 pics]
the Holmes (BEL) [106 pics]
Hollywood Porn Stars (BEL) [156 pics]
Honeymoon Cowboys (BEL) [79 pics]
the Honeymoon Killers (BEL) [17 pics]
Peter Hook & the Light (GBR) [1214 pics]
Hooverphonic (BEL) [106 pics]
the Horrorist (DEU/USA) [132 pics]
Steve Houben (BEL) [8 pics]
Household Name (GBR) [7 pics]
Hulk (BEL) [61 pics]
the Human League (GBR) [287 pics]

I Am X (GBR, DEU) [78 pics]
Iggy Pop (USA) [92 pics]
Ignition (BEL) [196 pics]
IMIDOV (BEL) [50 pics]
I'm So Hollow (GBR) [11 pics]
Immigrants (BEL) [97 pics]
Implant (BEL) [35 pics]
Indochine (FRA) [25 pics]
Indoo (BEL) [26 pics]
Inmates (GBR) [31 pics]
the Invisible Frog (BEL) [47 pics]
Isabelle et les Nic-nacs (BEL) [21 pics]
Isola (BEL) [136 pics]
Isolation Ward (BEL) [98 pics]

Guy Jackson (GBR) [3 pics]
Jah Wobble (GBR) [17 pics]
the Jam (GBR) [99 pics]
Luc Janssen (BEL) [38 pics]
Japan (GBR) [27 pics]
Monica Jeffries (DEU) [82 pics]
Jeronimo (BEL) [365 pics]
Jethro Tull (GBR) [13 pics]
Richard Jobson (GBR) [39 pics]
Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders (GBR) [26 pics]
Josef K (GBR) [48 pics]
Joshua (BEL) [26 pics]
Joy/Disaster (FRA) [25 pics]
Joy Division (GBR) [56 pics]

Keaton (BEL) [40 pics]
Keep It Deep (BEL) [54 pics]
Kid Creole & the Coconuts (USA) [38 pics]
Kid Montana (BEL/USA) [14 pics]
the Kids (BEL) [179 pics]
Kill City (GBR) [134 pics]
Kill My Drummer (BEL) [45 pics]
Killing Joke (GBR) [249 pics]
the Kinks (USA) [9 pics]
Kläng (BEL) [70 pics]
Kirlian Camera (ITA) [361 pics]
der Klinke (BEL) [220 pics]
KMFDM (DEU) [102 pics]
de Kommeniste (BEL) [13 pics]
Kowalski (DEU) [3 pics]
Korinthians (BEL) [31 pics]
Kraftwerk (DEU) [53 pics]
de Kreuners (BEL) [12 pics]
Felix Kubin (DEU) [24 pics]
Kyo (FRA) [35 pics]

the Last Wanted (BEL) [111 pics]
Cindy Lauper (USA) [38 pics]
Lavvi Ebbel (BEL) [14 pics]
League of Gentlemen (GBR) [5 pics]
Leather Nun (SWE) [11 pics]
Jo Lemaire + Flouze (BEL) [51 pics]
Leo and the Lineup (DNK) [89 pics]
Lio (BEL) [2 pics]
Liquido (DEU) [26 pics]
Little Bob Story (FRA) [39 pics]
Anita Lixel (AUS/BEL) [-- pics]
Lizard Smile (BEL) [136 pics]
Liz Teria (BEL) [66 pics]
Lofofora (FRA) [71 pics]
Loïc B.O. & the Frantic Lovers (BEL) [15 pics]
the Lords of the New Church (GBR/USA) [70 pics]
the Lounge Lizards (USA) [14 pics]
the Lou's (FRA/GBR) [9 pics]
the Lovecats (BEL) [34 pics]
Lene Lovich (USA) [249 pics]
Nick Lowe (GBR) [70 pics]
LO5 (BEL) [2 pics]
the Lucky Devils (FRA) [198 pics]
Ludus (GBR) [29 pics]
Luna Twist (BEL) [17 pics]
Lunar Tikis (BEL) [13 pics]
La Lune Noire (NLD) [50 pics]
Lustrous (BEL) [30 pics]
Lydia Lunch (USA) [54 pics]

Machiavel (BEL) [119 pics]
Mad Men's Team (BEL) [72 pics]
Madinkà (FRA) [50 pics]
Madness (GBR) [187 pics]
Mad Virgins (BEL) [29 pics]
Madre Del Vizio (ITA/DEU) [67 pics]
Magazine (GBR) [13 pics]
Magnetix (FRA) [123 pics]
Magnus (BEL) [29 pics]
Maid of Ace (GBR) [220 pics]
Major Deluxe (BEL) [92 pics]
Malaria! (DEU) [52 pics]
Malibu Stacy (BEL) [174 pics]
Mambo (BEL) [85 pics]
Alec Mansion (BEL) [26 pics]
Manson's Child (FRA) [60 pics]
March Violets (GBR) [204 pics]
Marine (BEL) [15 pics]
Marka (BEL) [211 pics]
Marquis de Sade (FRA) [32 pics]
Martha & the Muffins (CAN) [31 pics]
Marthajane (BEL) [48 pics]
Masnada (FRA) [34 pics]
Jennifer McCray (USA/BEL) [86 pics]
Medium Medium (GBR) [17 pics]
Mekanik Kommando (NED) [18 pics]
Melies (BEL) [29 pics]
Mensen Blaffen (BEL) [24 pics]
Mentalettes (ESP, SWE, USA, DEU, CHL) [141 pics]
Lizzy Mercier Descloux (FRA) [7 pics]
Meteor (ITA) [41 pics]
Millionaire (BEL) [64 pics]
Miam Monster Miam (BEL) [26 pics]
Miele (BEL) [64 pics]
Mindscape (BEL) [10 pics]
Minerale (BEL) [179 pics]
Minimal Compact (ISR/BEL) [29 pics]
Minimum Serious (FRA) [40 pics]
Mink DeVille (USA) [17 pics]
Minny Pops (NLD) [12 pics]
Mirrorball (BEL) [28 pics]
Mirror Boys (GBR) [8 pics]
the Mission (GBR) [237 pics]
Misters (BEL) [16 pics]
Mistral (BEL) [3 pics]
Modern English (GBR) [490 pics]
Mo-Dettes (GBR) [81 pics]
Moe Greene Specials (BEL) [50 pics]
Mongolito (BEL) [25 pics]
the Monochrome Set (GBR) [40 pics]
Monolithe Noir (FRA/BEL) [18 pics]
Mononc'Serge (CAN) [89 pics]
Monster Me (BEL) [47 pics]
Montevideo (BEL) [284 pics]
Monophona (LUX) [47 pics]
Moon Fish (BEL) [58 pics]
the Moon Invaders (BEL) [151 pics]
Moonkeys (BEL) [16 pics]
Moonpie (BEL) [27 pics]
Moonshine Playboys (BEL) [66 pics]
the Motels (USA) [4 pics]
the Motors (GBR) [18 pics]
Mud Flow (BEL) [120 pics]
Peter Murphy (GBR) [199 pics]
Pauline Murray & the Invisible Girls (GBR) [86 pics]
Music For Pleasure (GBR) [10 pics]
My Diligence (BEL) [70 pics]
My Little Cheap Dictaphone (BEL) [9 pics]

Naked Lunch (GBR) [7 pics]
the Names (BEL) [99 pics]
Nasmak (NLD) [7 pics]
Nashville Pussy (USA/CAN) [352 pics]
the Nebulas (USA) [625 pics]
Bill Nelson (GBR) [25 pics]
nEGAPADRĒS.3.3. (BEL) [17 pics]
Neon Electronics (BEL) [84 pics]
the Neon Judgement (BEL) [301 pics]
Nervous Chillin' (BEL) [120 pics]
Nervous Shake (BEL) [55 pics]
a New Dark Age (BEL) [235 pics]
New Concept (DEU) [9 pics]
New Model Army (GBR) [117 pics]
New Order (GBR) [207 pics]
Randy Newman (USA) [18 pics]
Nico (DEU) [23 pics]
Nid and Sancy (BEL) [35 pics]
Niente (BEL) [76 pics]
Niente (BEL) [76 pics]
Nihiliste (BEL) [57 pics]
999 (GBR) [14 pics]
98% Maximum Soul (BEL) [28 pics]
No Lokost (BEL) [31 pics]
No Drum No Moog (FRA) [44 pics]
No One Is Innocent (FRA) [31 pics]
the Noiser & Z'ev (USA/FRA) [48 pics]
Notsensibles (GBR) [20 pics]
Gary Numan (GBR) [123 pics]

Ono Scream (BEL) [55 pics]
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) (GBR) [371 pics]
OK Jive (GBR) [16 pics]
Orange Juice (GBR) [11 pics]
Organic (BEL) [424 pics]
Original Mirrors (GBR) [5 pics]
Out (?) [58 pics]

Festivals pages

Woodland (BEL), Jul. 8, 1978
Rock & Blues (BEL), Jul. 9, 1978
Jazz Bilzen (BEL), August 10-13, 1978
Rock Against Racism (BEL), Apr. 21-22, 1979
Futurama (GBR), Sep. 13-14, 1980
Futurama (GBR), Sep. 5-6, 1981
Belgium Pop (BEL), Sep. 4, 1982
Futurama (BEL), Sep. 4, 1983
Seaside Festival (BEL), Aug. 10, 1985
Nandrin (BEL), Aug. 10, 2003
Easy Way (BEL), Jan. 31, 2004
Nandrin Aid (BEL), Nov. 13, 2004
Easy Way (BEL), Feb. 5, 2005
Boutik Rock (BEL), Feb. 16-19, 2005
Les Nuits de l'Entrepôt (BEL), Apr. 29-30, 2005
Octopus (BEL), Jul. 30-31, 2005
Rock the City (BEL), Aug. 13, 2005
Riffs'n'Bips (BEL), Nov. 5, 2005
Easy Way (BEL), Feb. 4, 2006
Boutik Rock (BEL), Feb. 8-11, 2006
Venus Rock (BEL), Apr. 22, 2006
Gothic Festival (BEL), Jul. 27, 2008
Sinners Day (BEL), Nov. 1, 2009
A Factory Night (and then Again) (BEL), Dec. 12, 2009
Sinner's Day (BEL), Oct. 31, 2010
Sinner's Day (BEL), Oct. 30, 2011
BIMFest XIII (BEL), Dec. 19-20, 2014
Donkey Rock Winter 2016 Edition (BEL), Jan. 9, 2016
W-Festival 2016 (BEL), Aug. 23, 2016
Sinner's Day (BEL), Nov. 20, 2016
BIMFest XV (BEL), Dec. 16-17, 2016
W-Festival 2017 (BEL), Aug. 18-20, 2017

Venues pages

Ancienne Belgique (BEL)
Beursschouwburg (BEL)
Brielpoort (BEL)
L'Entrepôt (BEL)
Klacik (BEL)
Magasin 4 (BEL)
Plan K (BEL)

coming soon(?) probably!

Ghost Dance
Glacier Georges
Harvey & the Wallbangers
Heavenly Bodies
Die Krups
La Muerte
La Strada
Steve Lake
No Mask

Pale Fountains (GBR) [27 pics]
Parade Ground (BEL) [682 pics]
Paradise Lost (GBR) [75 pics]
Graham Parker & the Rumour (GBR) [41 pics]
Parking Meters (BEL) [8 pics]
Parondo (BEL) [12 pics]
Alan Parsons (GBR) [15 pics]
the Passage (GBR) [42 pics]
the Passengers (BEL) [9 pics]
Passions (GBR) [27 pics]
Pearl Harbor & the Explosions (USA) [3 pics]
Pere Ubu (USA) [37 pics]
Piano Club (BEL) [51 pics]
La Pince (FRA/BEL) [51 pics]
Pink Velvet Paradox (BEL) [64 pics]
Alain Pire Expérience (BEL) [54 pics]
the Pleasers (GBR) [8 pics]
Pleymo (FRA) [33 pics]
Poésie Noire (BEL) [61 pics]
Poison Girls (GBR) [26 pics]
the Police (GBR) [13 pics]
Pokemon Reaktor (DEU) [133 pics]
Pop. 1280 (USA) [96 pics]
Pop Group (GBR) [-- pics]
Prefab Sprout (GBR) [26 pics]
Pretenders (USA/GBR) [37 pics]
Bill Pritchard & Daniel Darc (GBR/FRA) [24 pics]
Professionals (GBR) [13 pics]
the Psychedelic Furs (GBR) [147 pics]
Psychic TV (GBR) [36 pics]
Public Image Ltd (PIL) (GBR) [144 pics]
El Pueblo De La Lluvia (BEL) [66 pics]
Puggy (BEL) [33 pics]
Punish Yourself (FRA) [222 pics]
Purpleized (BEL) [54 pics]

Quando Quango (GBR) [15 pics]
Qntal (DEU) [31 pics]
Queen (GBR) [88 pics]

Radio Stars (GBR) [33 pics]
Gerry Rafferty (GBR) [24 pics]
the Ramblers (BEL) [112 pics]
Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg (USA) [130 pics]
the Ramones (USA) [102 pics]
Eric Random (GBR) [13 pics]
Pierre Rapsat (BEL) [22 pics]
Ravages (BEL) [31 pics]
Ray Bartok (FRA) [58 pics]
Re:Order (GBR) [86 pics]
Recoil (GBR) [20 pics]
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (GBR) [16 pics]
Red Zebra (BEL) [152 pics]
Lou Reed (USA) [71 pics]
Reef Rider (BEL) [228 pics]
Blaine Reininger (USA/BEL) [138 pics]
Restricted Code (GBR) [23 pics]
Jonathan Richman (USA) [36 pics]
Rinôçérôse (FRA) [20 pics]
Risk Risk (DEU) [129 pics]
Tom Robinson Band (GBR) [35 pics]
Robots In Disguise (GBR) [112 pics]
Rocket Ship (BEL) [35 pics]
Rockpile (GBR) [70 pics]
Romance (BEL) [9 pics]
Perry Rose (BEL/IRL) [60 pics]
Roxy Music (GBR) [58 pics]
the Runaways (USA) [138 pics]
the Ruts (GBR) [27 pics]

S.P.K. (AUS) [98 pics]
Sad Lovers and Giants (GBR) [260 pics]
Véronique Sanson (FRA) [56 pics]
Sarah Tue Moi (BEL) [41 pics]
Scars (GBR) [45 pics]
Scavenge (?) [58 pics]
Jennifer Scavuzzo (BEL) [116 pics]
Scenario Rock (FRA) [33 pics]
Schlaflose Nachte (DEU) [20 pics]
Peter Schlager (BEL) [7 pics]
Klaus Schulze (DEU) [7 pics]
Schmutz (BEL) [74 pics]
Scritti Politti (GBR) [63 pics]
Searchers (GBR) [8 pics]
Seasick (BEL) [202 pics]
Secret Affair (GBR) [37 pics]
Section 25 (SXXV) (GBR) [302 pics]
Secular Plague (FRA) [83 pics]
the Selecter (GBR) [140 pics]
Senser (BEL) [85 pics]
the Serious Five (BEL) [56 pics]
Serpents (DEU) [66 pics]
the Servant (GBR) [50 pics]
Set the Tone (BEL) [39 pics]
SFP (BEL) [24 pics]
Shah-Mat (BEL) [435 pics]
Sham 69 (GRB) [102 pics]
Sharko (BEL) [114 pics]
Shetahr (BEL) [45 pics]
Shiny Two Shiny (GBR) [9 pics]
the Shirts (USA) [26 pics]
Showstar (BEL) [148 pics]
Shriekback (GBR) [25 pics]
Siglo XX (BEL) [5 pics]
Signal Août '42 (BEL) [89 pics]
Silmarils (FRA) [38 pics]
Simple Minds (GBR) [149 pics]
Sinclair (FRA) [13 pics]
Siouxsie & the Banshees (GBR) [1,818 pics]
the Sisters of Mercy (GBR) [153 pics]
Sister Sledge (USA) [74 pics]
Bobby Sixkiller (FRA) [170 pics]
Skating Teenagers (BEL) [205 pics]
Skeletal Family (GBR) [264 pics]
Skeptical Minds (BEL) [64 pics]
the Skets (BEL) [5 pics]
Skinny Puppy (CAN) [34 pics]
les Slaches (BEL) [85 pics]
Slapshot (USA) [51 pics]
the Slits (GBR) [25 pics]
Patti Smith (USA) [161 pics]
TV Smith (GBR) [67 pics]
Soft Cell (GBR) [59 pics]
SoftWave (DNK) [44 pics]
Soldout (BEL) [1584 pics]
the Sound (GBR) [50 pics]
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes (USA) [72 pics]
Spagguetta Orghasmmond (BEL) [55 pics]
Sparks (USA) [24 pics]
Spandau Ballet (GBR) [46 pics]
the Specials (GBR) [48 pics]
Speedball JR & Steve Mackay (BEL) [221 pics]
Spermicide (BEL) [2 pics]
Spine Chilling (BEL) [81 pics]
Spiral of Silence (BEL) [218 pics]
Spirit Of Dole (BEL) [412 pics]
Spizz(energi) (GBR) [29 pics]
Squeeze (GBR) [16 pics]
Star Industry (BEL) [107 pics]
Starving (BEL) [190 pics]
Steel Pulse (GBR) [31 pics]
Rubin Steiner (FRA) [22 pics]
Cat Stevens (GBR) [23 pics]
Rod Stewart (GBR) [96 pics]
Stockholm Monsters (GBR) [20 pics]
Stockyard Stoics (USA) [67 pics]
Stoompers (BEL) [113 pics]
Richard Strange (GBR) [5 pics]
the Stranglers (GBR) [157 pics]
the Stray Cats (USA/GBR) [48 pics]
Street Dogs (USA) [78 pics]
Struggler (BEL) [72 pics]
Sttellla (BEL) [6 pics]
Suffocating Minds (BEL) [82 pics]
Suicide Commando (BEL) [209 pics]
Suicide Romeo (FRA) [28 pics]
Sugababes (GBR) [44 pics]
Summerslam (BEL) [51 pics]
Super Dragon Punch!! (BEL) [89 pics]
Superbus (FRA) [249 pics]
Superlux (BEL) [223 pics]
Superspy (BEL) [27 pics]
Rachel Sweet (USA) [53 pics]
Swell Maps (GBR) [15 pics]
Sygo Cries (BEL) [17 pics]
Synthetica (NLD) [98 pics]

T'Pau (GBR) [75 pics]
Talking Heads (USA) [148 pics]
Tangerine Dream (DEU) [11 pics]
Tank of Danzig (DEU) [14 pics]
Tat2NoisAct (BEL) [56 pics]
TC Matic (BEL) [47 pics]
the Teardrop Explodes (GBR) [57 pics]
Tears for Fears (GBR) [18 pics]
Tecnoville (NLD) [13 pics]
Téléphone (FRA) [27 pics]
Television (USA) [18 pics]
Tena (BEL) [73 pics]
Texas Trauma (BEL) [59 pics]
Thamel (BEL) [5 pics]
Theatre of Hate (GBR) [79 pics]
Thieves of Silence (BEL) [155 pics]
13K (BEL) [61 pics]
This Can Hurt (BEL) [42 pics]
Thot (BEL) [77 pics]
3-1 (?) [16 pics]
Throbbing Gristle (GBR) [27 pics]
Toyah (GBR) [31 pics]
Trempass (BEL) [39 pics]
Tricky (GBR) [13 pics]
the Tringlers (BEL) [57 pics]
Trisomie 21 (FRA) [842 pics]
the Tubes (USA) [95 pics]
Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel (BEL) [17 pics]
Tuxedomoon (USA/BEL) [352 pics]
Shania Twain (CAN) [86 pics]
Twee Belgen (BEL) [18 pics]
23 Skidoo (GBR) [8 pics]
Two Star Hotel (BEL) [66 pics]
Tying Tiffany (ITA) [117 pics]
Tyla Gang (GBR) [9 pics]
Tyske Ludder (DEU) [128 pics]

U2 (IRL) [124 pics]
Udarnik (NLD) [74 pics]
the Ugly Buggy Boys (BEL) [57 pics]
UK Decay (GBR) [5 pics]
UK Subs (GBR) [274 pics]
Tracey Ullman (USA/GBR) [18 pics]
Ultravox (GBR) [24 pics]
Die Unbekannten (DEU) [24 pics]
Undertones (IRL) [48 pics]
Underviewer (BEL) [43 pics]
Urbanus Van Anus (BEL) [1 pic]

Jacky Valentin (BEL) [4 pics]
Luc Van Acker (BEL) [76 pics]
Raymond van het Groenewoud (BEL) [40 pics]
Jason Van Gulick (BEL) [38 pics]
Cherry Vanilla (USA) [48 pics]
Alan Vega (USA) [31 pics]
Vegomatic (FRA) [216 pics]
Velvet Underwear (BEL) [23 pics]
Vincent Venet (BEL) [839 pics]
Venus Fly Trap (GBR) [44 pics]
Tom Verlaine (USA) [18 pics]
Gilles Verlant (BEL) [13 pics]
Versus Club (BEL) [18 pics]
VHS or Beta (USA) [62 pics]
Vibrators (GBR) [65 pics]
Vice Versa (GBR) [28 pics]
Virgil (BEL) [20 pics]
Virgin Prunes (IRL) [71 pics]
Visage (GBR) [78 pics]
Vita Noctis (BEL) [29 pics]
Vitaphase (BEL) [58 pics]
Vitas Guerulaitis (BEL/FRA) [60 pics]
Vive la Fête! (BEL) [642 pics]
V.O. (BEL) [32 pics]
Vomito Negro (BEL) [58 pics]
Von Magnet (FRA) [180 pics]
Vox Populi (BEL) [30 pics]

the Wake (GBR) [25 pics]
Rick Wakeman (GBR) [37 pics]
Wall of Voodoo (USA) [40 pics]
Marie Warnant (BEL) [46 pics]
Wash Out Test (BEL) [49 pics]
Wasted Youth (GBR) [16 pics]
Watcha (FRA) [97 pics]
Waterboys (GBR/IRL) [17 pics]
the Weathermen (BEL/USA) [74 pics]
Weazels (BEL) [40 pics]
James White and the Blacks (USA) [36 pics]
White Cats (GBR) [10 pics]
White Light (BEL) [5 pics]
Kim Wilde (GBR) [123 pics]
Winter Is Coming (BEL) [215 pics]
Wire (GBR) [217 pics]
Wiseblood (SWI/AUS/USA) [38 pics]
Worry Blast (CHE) [108 pics]
Link Wray and Robert Gordon (USA) [41 pics]
Wünjo (FRA) [41 pics]

Xmal Deutschland (DEU) [181 pics]
Xotox (DEU) [52 pics]
X-Possibles (USA) [63 pics]
X-Pulsion (BEL) [33 pics]
XTC (GBR) [61 pics]

Yel (BEL) [222 pics]
Yes (GBR) [37 pics]
Young Gods (SWI) [58 pics]
Young Marble Giants (GBR) [44 pics]

Z'ev (USA) [18 pics]
Zaccharia (BEL) [30 pics]
Zanzara (BEL) [28 pics]
Zeus! (ITA) [93 pics]
Zodiac Mindwarp (GBR) [16 pics]
Zop Hopop (BEL) [60 pics]

coming soon(?) probably!

Play Dead
Polyphonic Size
Rain Parade
Red Guitars
Revolting Cocks
Rhythm of Life
Boyd Rice
Stan Ridgway
Feargal Sharkey
Shop Assistants
Soft Verdict
Sonic Youth
Status Quo

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